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Rifleman guarding the crates of diamonds


What you need to know about the hack

As amazing as this game is, let’s face it, the fact that you are constantly waiting for something to finish upgrading is quite annoying. And the only way you can speed up the pace of the game is by buying additional resources from the official app store, for which you will need to spend a lot of money. Unfortunately, some of us can’t afford that luxury or simple do not like to see their kids charge the family credit card by accident, which is exactly the reason why we’ve created this amazing Boom Beach Hack Tool.

Now you can get one of the diamond packs that are available at the official app store for free. With our hack you will speed up the game, level up faster and become one of the best players. Please, do not confuse us with the other hacks that offer you unlimited resources, because there is no such thing. The only amount of free diamonds you can get is the one equivalent to those offered at the official app store.

We exploit a glitch in the game servers which add the in-app purchases (diamonds) to your account as if you have bought them for real, when actually you haven't spent a single penny.

There is also an additional layer of security added just for your protection in the form of SSL certificate with 512bit encryption. This ensures that no one is listening in and no one can find out that you have gained a boost from using our site.

Therefore, hurry up, get our hack and enjoy the game.

Is the Boom Beach hack tool safe to use?

We guarantee you that our hack is 100% free of viruses and it is safe for usage. Plus it is compatible with Android and iOS devices (including tablets).
Furthermore, our private proxy clusters support will make sure that you don't get banned from the game, no matter how many times you decide to use the diamond hack.
We've tested it hundreds of times on numerous devices and we are proud to say that it works flawlessly. But, by all means, if you encounter any problems feel free to contact us at any time and we will do our best to address the issue as fast as possible.

Instructions of how to use the hack

With the user-friendly interface that we have created, everyone can use this hack. We have already done the majority of the work regarding the programming part, so the only thing you need to do is complete the steps of the hack. There is no need to connect your device via USB or Bluetooth, no need to download anything or upload a file on the device (there is also no need for jailbeak or root). The next time you open the game your diamonds will be there.

And the best part is that you can use the Boom Beach hack tool once a day (for obvious reasons). But please, note that if you tend to overuse it you might end up losing the fun and excitement in the game. Because all things in life we work hard for, are always the sweetest ones. So, what we are trying to say is that this hack is merely a tool to speed up the pace of your game and that you should still try hard to earn your place at the top of the leaderboard and get your decorated experience level badge.

The september update

The September Update

Last updated: September 7, 2016

The September update brings a lot of improvements but also some cool new stuff, the two new prototype defensive units: The Hot Pot and The Grappler! The Hot Pot is a hidden flamethrower that retracts into its own bunker safe from your gunboat shells and unlike the regular flamethrowers it can now damage long range units like tanks and zookas. With hit points starting at 10.000 and 600 damage at level one, it is one nasty defense unit.

The Grappler has an amazing range and works by pulling enemy troops closer to your nearby defenses. If positioned well and properly combined with other defenses, it can do quite the damage even when attacked by grenadiers.

Among the smaller tweaks, the Doom Cannon has now smaller range, but does damage to the nearby troops of the target. Lazor beams are getting a bigger damage and the weapons lab costs are a bit decreased.

We have tested the hack with the September update and we have found no issues, everything is working properly.