Tips, tricks and cheats to improve your Boom Beach gameplay

Author: George B. — Last updated: August 23rd, 2016

We have compiled this list of tips, tricks and cheats to help you get the most while playing Boom Beach. Even though some of the tips are beginner oriented, we have also included some for the intermediate and advanced players. Also, we have included a small section on how to get free diamonds the easy way, but that is if you want to.

Resource buildings

Upgrade your economy buildings as soon as you can

To make the development of your base as fast as possible, you will need resources such as wood, stone and iron as well as gold. Please, have in mind that none of these buildings produce resources while upgrading.

Now when you are upgrading your resource producing buildings you will need to upgrade your wood, stone, iron and gold storage buildings, you will need the space for the extra resources you are producing.

Gold cheat for troop upgrades

Cheat: How to get free gold from troop upgrades

This is one neat cheat to get more gold when you upgrade your troops to a higher level. Now, before you start the upgrade load all the landing crafts will the troop you are upgrading, for the sake of this example we are going to take the Rifleman.

Let’s say that we have 8 level 20 landing crafts that can accommodate 8x20 = 160 Rifleman in total. The Rifleman level before the upgrade is 20 and the training cost is 1.400 gold, which totals the cost to 224.000 gold. Once you load them on the landing crafts start the upgrade.

After the upgrade is completed, change the troops on the landing crafts and you will get 160 x 1,500 gold (training cost for level 21) = 240.000. This action alone gave you 16.000 extra gold. It is not much but it is free and you can use this cheat with any troop type.

Resource base cleanup

Resource base cleanup

As soon as you take over a resource base, make sure that you remove all the trees from it. Although removing trees cost you gold, it is a cheap and easy way to get wood while you spend some gold.

If you do not remove the trees, the next player who will take the resource base from you will certainly do it, so why give him the almost free resources.

And if you are lazy?

While there are many ways you can speed up your development within the game, nothing compares to upgrading everything by using diamonds. The only problem is that the diamonds are expensive and will cost you money.

But there is a catch, you can get up to 140.000 free gems every few months, just to be safe. You can use this method while it lasts. Click the button below to find out how you can get your free diamonds.

Free Diamonds

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